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   Talent Power is specialist in the recruitment of IT and Non-IT professionals with a highest level of scrutiny in terms of fitment for the client’s unique needs. We have a wide range of skill wise database of candidates who are Prescreened, Self evaluated, Tech panel and Client evaluated. We constantly research on the client’s future demands, create a virtual pool of candidates even before the client requests us.


Executive Search

  We have successfully executed several leadership assignments on retained basis across industries by a dedicated team of search consultants who have worked in the Executive Search space. Each of these search consultants has the requisite knowledge of the industry, access to senior talent connections which ensures reaching out to the right talent best suited to the client.



   Talent Power is a leading specialist recruiter. We have built our expertise over a period of time making impact in a candidate’s career by providing a right opportunity and role equally a great employee for our clients who would stay and perform with excellence.

IT Staffing services
Market Intelligence

 The modern business world is affected by global change and turbulence. Companies need to identify and understand new trends, regulatory change, competitor moves and customer perceptions. A well-functioning Market Intelligence system is an important capability that will enable companies to identify and understand this change.


 We provide On-Demand, End-To-End RPO solutions on any skillset either Outsourced or Insourced, Onsite or Offsite with the Virtual RPO setup.

We offer flexible, scalable access to expertise through a combination of on-site and off-site resources. We also use our robust global expertise to deliver solutions that are global and at the same time, sensitive to local conditions.


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